Hartley Wintney offers a warm welcome

Being a regular or maybe infrequent golfer is worlds apart from being a Golf Club Member! Why? What is a members club?

Golf Clubs are owned and operated in many different ways, maybe by the owner themselves, or perhaps as part of a large ‘group’, in both instances usually looking to make profits to satisfy the bank or shareholders. Members clubs are different; they are owned and operated by the members, who are the decision makers. Whilst the club still needs to operate efficiently and like a business in many respects, it has autonomy and is not ‘profit driven’.

Being a member of a friendly, long established members club, such as ours, opens up a whole host of opportunities for you to enjoy;

In addition:

  • As a member you will play more!
  • Once you have a formal handicap, your golf is likely to improve
  • Our excellently managed and well presented course, looked after by an industrious and experienced team, requires strategic thinking if you are to score well


  • 5 & 7 day membership options, subject to availability
  • Significantly discounted subscriptions are available for younger members (up to 35 years)
  • Our Annual Membership cost offers excellent value for money
  • Unlimited golf-7 day club membership for £28.50-per week-golf isn’t expensive when compared to leisure spend elsewhere – great value for money -(based on full year cost)

  • Social memberships are also available!

  • Our Golf Academy is great for beginners or for those just looking to get back into Golf!

  • Junior Membership option for those under the age of 18, subject to availability. 

For membership categories, options and availability, contact the Secretary on 01252 844211 or by email