Dress Code

Hartley Wintney is a modern golf club which respects tradition and considers both appropriate behaviour and attire to be important.  All members, visitors and guests are asked to maintain a smart and presentable standard of dress at all times, both on the course and in the clubhouse.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01252 844211.

Course and Practice Areas

We accept that golf fashions can change, so any recognised golfing apparel purchased from a professional golf outlet, with appropriate socks and golf shoes, is acceptable. We also ask that shorts are tailored and, as they are not yet deemed golfing apparel, Cargo shorts are not permitted.

The Clubhouse

Golf shoes, of any type, are not permitted in the Lounge. Golf shoes, except those with metal spikes, are allowed in the Spike Bar, but we do ask golfers to change out of their golf shoes in particularly wet or muddy conditions.

Smart and presentable attire is the expected dress code within the clubhouse, although for some functions and events more formal attire may be required. The wearing of hats, caps, tracksuits, rugby & football shirts or beachwear is not considered smart attire and therefore not permitted within the clubhouse.

Mobile Phones

Calls may be made or taken, in a manner which minimises disturbance to others, in the changing rooms, foyer areas, on the patio and in the car park, but not in the bars or dining room. Silent use of mobile phones for browsing and reading texts or e-mails is permitted within all areas of the clubhouse

Calls may be made on the course only in emergency situations or for contacting the Halfway Hut.